A musician on the edge of success, Orpheus' vision of a demonic lowrider signals the start of an apocalyptic nightmare and leads to a race against time to save his wife from an imminent disaster.



Orpheus sings at sold out clubs, living on the outskirts of Los Angeles when a swarm of unexplained earthquakes and fires hit the city. After Orpheus' wife leaves, strange and terrifying visions begin to plague him, urging him to pursue his family into what becomes a decent into hell and insanity. On arrival to Ash Mountain, Orpheus is befriended by Pluto, the head of a lowrider crew, who Orpheus soon discovers live a wild and lawless existence on the edge of civilization. The quest to save his wife becomes a race against a natural world on the edge of annihilation, and Orpheus discovers the shocking truth that he may be the one chosen to usher in the end of the world.