Saturn Harvest Comics is producing legendary comics and collectibles, from artists and designers known for "Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland," and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," among other famous titles. Quality and craftsmanship are the priority, bringing to life unimaginable worlds, fantastic characters, and terrifying creatures that become instant classics and collector’s items.


The $100 Million Feature Film: "AXA: Battle For The Serpent Gate"

"AXA: Battle for the Serpent Gate" is based on the AXA comic books, read by 8 million daily readers in the 1970s and early 1980s. AXA is syndicated and printed in the UK, US, Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, and Italy and continues to be published, with over 2,238 strips.

The most progressive, liberated comic book heroine of the 1980s, AXA has been re-imagined for the new millennium, more relevant, intense and brutal than ever. AXA finds herself a Guardian of Dome City, a repressive, authoritarian society hiding a dark secret. 

The discovery of a sinister conspiracy by the Dome Elders sends AXA flying from the city with a band of rebels and warriors who face a post-apocalyptic landscape of fantastic creatures and ancient magic. AXA soon discovers the Earth itself is in danger and that she holds the key to reuniting the survivors of The Great Contamination.


The AXA Universe

The creator of the original AXA comic book, Enrique Badia Romero, is the internationally acclaimed illustrator of the Modesty Blaise comic and continues to be one of the most celebrated comic book artists in the world. The massive fan base for AXA turns up 350,000 image-returns on Google. The new live action feature film re-imagines Romero's vision for the big screen, true to the characters and look of the original, but sweeping in scope and brought to life by the visual effects artists that brought you "Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland," and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." 


Origins of a Hero - AXA

Her birth a mystery, AXA grows up in Dome City, a repressive but advanced mega city hermetically sealed under a dome built after the Great Contamination. The Dome citizens believe they are the last humans on Earth. 


The Middlemen Village

Outside the safety of Dome City, AXA discovers the beauty and danger of the post-apocalyptic Earth, which has been transformed by the Great Contamination into a fierce wilderness. She also discovers the Middlemen, an unknown group of human survivors living in tree top villages in near perfect seclusion.


A Breathtaking Collection of Creatures, Warriors and Technology

Our team of visual effects artists, character designers and sculptors created a world of unimaginable breadth and complexity, and the 3D designs are in place to build the AXA Universe of Collectible Figures, allowing collectors to live the adventure of AXA.  Above is just a hint of the characters coming soon to the AXA Universe of Collectible Figures.